We Insist Marrakech

Activities of WE Insist in Marrakech - at "On marche..." dance festival

DETAILS OF VIOLENCE: Installation / Dance and Sound performance at the E.S.A.V. ( multimedia university)

The installation of DETAILS... itself will stay at the E.S.A.V. university for a month.

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Mia's dancing calculations

Buying 1400 km of cables

That was a very interesting experience for us. We got to meet Ahmad, a dancer, Electricians from the street, Adbelhilal, the tech director of E.S.A.V. and knowing our way in the city.

Building the installation / a performance by itself

Danse contre nourriture: (dance against food) The project, curated by Toufik Iziddiou is based on asimple principle, as stated by its title: 10 / 20 minutes of performance against a full lunch meal with the hosts, in their appartment.

We Insist asked to be able to perform twice in this program. The first time was at a Jewish/Moroccan family. The second at the house of an Iranian movie director and a fashion designer. We tried two different configurations: in the first one, accounting on the presence of children, we told the story of the origins of We Insist, mixed up with Norwegian and Swedish folk songs on tape song by Mia and Rani. The story was told in french, English and Arabic, and derived on a dance improvisation invading the living room.

The second one was an attempt to redefine the spaces in the house: interior/exterior, but also limits within the bedroom/living room made with cassette tapes and body movements.

One other performance of We Insist was made at the Royal Theater of Marrakesh.
Instead of using a central space, We Insist decided to work in an abandoned corridor where trash, old desks and ancient posters of past shows were stocked all on top of each other. Like a little hidden memory of the Theater.

We actually made two performances. One was private, and it consisted in a 3 days installation of the space, including cleaning and light design, with short performance attempts, usually in the evening. Might be that we edit this video one day. For now we just threw an excerpt on the blog.

The second one was public, and consisted in a filling of the space of low frequencies, enhanced by the high ceiling and nude walls, and by an improvisation on this space, based on shiverings and body comments of the space.