What is We Insist

WE INSIST is an art research project of Mia Habib (Norway), Rani Nair (Sweden) and Jassem Hindi (France). Together we produce performances, installations, videos, sound pieces, texts and other types of publications.

"Just by practicing a language, we are pushing it towards a foreign language we don't know yet. By using it over and over again, we are making it become something else than it used to be a second before. A language is condemned to die if it does not transmute into a new language." F.de Saussure, Cours de linguisitique générale

Together we work and insist on a space that is always fading if not practiced, a common land that cannot exist if not paced back and forth, if not repeated over and over again, if not shared with others.

We started to work on identity as a crisis, as a tension, and not as a stable concept. This project is about looking at how, through sound and body language, we can question and practice this identity, understood as an unstable nomadic state, crossed over by a multiplicity of tensions and traversed by layers of intensities. How does identity maintains itself, how does it transmute? How does it sometimes make us slip into madness or void, into frenetic tautological repetition of our self or into an abyss of difference between us and the rest of the world?