DETAILS OF VIOLENCE / Fragments of Experience - Porto 2008 - SKITe/Sweet and Tender Collaborations

This is an excerpt of a presentation we did in Porto. It is our latest setting, which we called Details of Violence.
credit for the video: Ana Lúcia Cruz

This work is about stillness and tension. We use small contact mics and black cables. We work on fragile positions, both sound and body wise; fragments of postures, deconstructed images and details of violence.
Sometimes we choose not to intervene, not to use the mics, not to use the cables, not to produce any sound. Sometimes we stay for more than two, three minutes, letting the image come to another life, overflown and contaminated by other gestures or sounds. Sometimes we stand still, and provoke a cliché, the projection of a violent moment: torture, trauma, depression, imprisonment, quivering... all kind of fragilities that run under the idea of identity. Sometimes within this violence and tension something breaks up, a slender movement, a song. Sometimes we bind each other to the cables, sometimes we let go.

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