We Insist - Damascus Mia's impressions (excerpt)

In this faded space of shadows hiding the corners of the walls, of ghosts only with silent screams and muted movements where a violence in a silence appears as an in-between space of no movement, a vacuum of a space insisted up on till it fades on the faded space, till the shadows swallow the shadows, the walls loose their corners, the ghosts get chocked in their own silent screams, and through their muted movements the appearance of other ghosts inhabit the space of non motion. A space that is oh so real, a space that is always there, so real and so present that in the moment it shows its entrance it eats itself and only a vague smell of a far away dream in a fictionate story might pass by and tell about some invisible remains of it. And still, my back aches, my stomach is hungry and my eyes are dry, here, now now.

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